The Gualala River Watershed Community

As with rivers the world over, rich and varied communities have formed by deriving benefit from the waters and protection of a watershed.

AnnapolisPhoto Annapolis Winery

Inland about 4 miles is the tiny hamlet of Annapolis, historically known for it’s warm apple and wine growing climate, now home to the Annapolis Winery a boutique winery, the Horicon Grammer School, the only post office within the interior of the watershed and Starcross monastic community.

Photo Tin Barn and Stewarts Point RDsKashia

Southwest, on the other side of the Wheatfield Fork at the crossroads of Tin Barn and Stewarts Point roads is the Stewarts Point Rancheria home to the Kashaya, the first people known to have lived in the watershed.

Stewarts Point

Coastward is the small town of Stewarts Point, where you will find the Stewarts Point Store. Owned by the same family since the civil war, the front porch of the store continues to be a local gathering point to eat a deli lunch and talk about local issues.

P.S They have great dinners on Friday nights...

Sea Ranch

Driving north on Highway 1 you will pass through the Sea Ranch, an architecturally renown development that hosts a number of public access trails that start at Hwy 1 and wind across the marine terrace to the Pacific Ocean.

Sign for Gualala ArtsGualala

On the north bank of the Gualala River Estuary is the town of Gualala. A lumber commercial center until the 1920s. The town is now the central hub for the wider community and hosts a thriving arts community

For great views of the estuary, coastal monuments, and the ocean take a walk along the bluff top trail, established by the Redwood Coast Land Conservancy, the trail winds along the bluff above the estuary.